About Us

Mission Statement

mission statement

St Augustine’s Classical Christian College has been providing private tutoring for home and private school students since 2008 with the goal of providing a complete p-12 alternative home schooling and enrichment curriculum delivered through online and distance education.

  • It is our belief that it is the responsibility of parents to educate, nurture and discipline their children; and teachers should be appreciated and respected for their knowledge and teaching expertise.
  • Our aim is to promote classical Christian education in Australia, to both home schoolers and private school students through the medium of online and distance education.

St Augustine’s is now an affiliate of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS) www.accsedu.org. There are over 150 classical and Christian schools in the USA but St Augustine's is the only Classical Christian College in Australia.

Unique Features of St Augustine’s:

  • Parent-controlled, personal learning pathways for students encourage parental involvement which strongly predicts student success.
  • Efficient use of students’ time, with a flexible tutorial-based system and online support.
  • Rigorous classical Christian curriculum encourages a lifelong work ethic at an early age. It is not unnecessarily difficult, instead children are fascinated by learning about complexities and classical education inspires a love of learning and curiosity.
  • Private, non-government funded; allowing for greater curriculum flexibility and standards-based (non Outcomes-based) education.
  • Expert teachers using classical trivium teaching methods that develop thinking, articulate students.
  • Small classes (maximum 16 students for online tutorials) for better instruction and to encourage each student to express an opinion.
  • Commitment to quality education, setting a benchmark of excellence.
  • Restoring teacher satisfaction and self-esteem.
  • Reintroducing students in the Western world to the Great Books and heritage of classical Christian civilisation.