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Learning Enrichment through Classical Christian Education


Studying the Classics is the best way for students to not only improve their use of English but their knowledge of the modern world - preparing them for leadership and influence. Beginning with the basics such as Grammar, Writing and Reading; students progress to studying Latin, Classical Greek, Advanced Essay Writing, Logic and Rhetoric. Most importantly of all, they learn about the 'Great Conversation' by working their way through the canonical books in St Augustine's Year 7-12 Great Books or Omnibus programme which incorporates History, Theology, Philosophy and Literature. An education in itself - it is the goal of St Augustine's to give every Australian student the opportunity to get this education by doing the College's online enrichment programmes - please explore our website to find out more.

 St Augustine's provides a unique opportunity for students to receive an education that is historically unsurpassed in terms of the Western cultural traditions of freedom, truth and beauty. When studying the classics students become participants in the great story of Western Civilisation including the Greek and Roman legacy, the Christian moral foundations and emergence of liberty in the English speaking world. The Classical approach recognises the importance of engagement with Asia particuarly for students in Australia as the study of European relations with Asian Civilisations is a key component of St Augustine's curriculum.

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